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2024 Sterling Invite – Softball

May 25 - May 27

The Sterling Invite 2024: Where Softball Glory Takes Center Stage!

May 25th, 26th, & 27th

Welcome to the crown jewel of the Wenatchee Valley softball scene – the Sterling Invite, an annual tournament hosted by Greater Wenatchee Girls Softball Association (GWGSA). Prepare for a softball spectacle like no other, where teams from near and far converge to showcase their skills, sportsmanship, and a whole lot of heart!

The Spirit of Competition:
The Sterling Invite isn’t just a tournament; it’s a celebration of the passion, dedication, and love for softball that reverberates throughout our community. Teams come together, not just to compete, but to forge memories, build friendships, and experience the thrill of the game in a setting that’s nothing short of magical.

Unveiling Softball Excellence:
This tournament is where softball excellence takes center stage. Witness the power-packed swings, the precision pitching, and the lightning-fast plays that define the essence of the Sterling Invite. Every game is a canvas where the skills of these young athletes paint a masterpiece of sportsmanship and teamwork.

Beyond the Diamond:
The Sterling Invite is more than a series of games; it’s a festival of camaraderie, community, and the unbridled joy of playing the game we all love. From the cheering crowds to the shared victories, the tournament creates an atmosphere that transcends the boundaries of competition.

Embracing the Community Spirit:
As hosts, GWGSA takes pride in creating an inviting atmosphere that embraces the spirit of our softball family. The Sterling Invite welcomes all, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can revel in the excitement of softball.

Sterling Sports Complex: The Perfect Stage:
The tournament unfolds across the Greater Wenatchee Valley, our softball haven features top-notch facilities, breathtaking views, and an electrifying ambiance that elevates the entire softball experience.

Join the Celebration:
Whether you’re a player, a coach, a spectator, or a softball enthusiast, the Sterling Invite invites you to be part of the celebration. Join us in creating memories, forging connections, and experiencing the sheer joy that softball brings to our community.

The Sterling Invite isn’t just a tournament; it’s a celebration of the vibrant softball spirit that defines the Wenatchee Valley. Get ready for a softball extravaganza that promises thrills, spills, and the magic that can only be found at the Sterling Invite!


May 25
May 27
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Greater Wenatchee Girl’s Softball Association